“If I Had A Retard For A Kid”

A very real experience in the life of autism. What happened just ticked me off. (sorry)

“If I Had A Retard For A Kid” 2 « Life Of Jason

I am so sick of parents and caregivers handling autism everyday being reprimanded and patronized by people who are completely out of touch!
Tom, whoever you are, your comments clearly indicate that you are truly, genuinely disconnected from anybody’s reality other than your own. I am not one who will typically denounce a post, but you don’t have a clue about dealing with autism. (or people of color…that was a shallow, mindless, assinine comment).

No, Jason was not wrong to respond the way he did. He was quite polite! Parents who have children with autism tend to feel obligated to explain behaviors that make other people uncomfortable. There isn’t anyone in this world more uncomfortable than the caregivers who are living every single day with the challenges of autism. We don’t have to tell anybody anything short of “take a long walk off a short pier” when our children are being insulted.
No, our children do not deserve to be insulted anymore than your child or anybody else’s children. I agree, when a person decides to go to a public F-A-M-I-L-Y facility of any sort, children are going to be there. Duh! Don’t want to be bothered with kids? Then don’t go to a kid-friendly establishment. If grandma wanted a quiet meal, then she should have went to a quiet restaurant. Here is something else. Whether anybody likes it or not, AUTISM IS A VERY NORMAL PART OF EVERYDAY LIFE. It is not atypical anymore. It is not abnormal anymore. It is everyday. It is real. It is prevalent. It will not go away and we won’t apologize to anybody else for it.
Why don’t you…next time…take a moment to wear a puzzle piece. Why don’t you become a part of the solution instead of a very real part of a stereo-typical problem in society about mental illnesses and autism. Try volunteering. That’ll be a test of true character and willingness to help make other people comfy with autism. Dare to step away from the privilege of your own incubated experience.

No Tom, you don’t offend people with your brashness…you don’t get brownie points for thinking in your mind that being brash merits applause. It’s your narrow-minded stupidity that’s amazing.
It’s too bad she wasn’t more compassionate. Considering she has one foot on the grave and the other on a banana peel, she’ll be looking for the very grace she couldn’t find in her own heart to lend to a child.