Teaching Methods for Autistic Children

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Teaching Methods for Autistic Children « The Jet Set Zen

My son does not have a “psychological” disorder by the name of autism. He has a NEUROLOGICAL disorder called autism. Yes in “recent” years autism research has increased, yet even with the increase in studies and research, there are still no “experts” because “experts” in my personal opinion provide solid, proven solutions & expert application to a problem. The presumed medical/professional experts have yet to even agree that autism is not psychological. Terpstra, Higgins and Pierce is most certainly not the voice for everything autism. A multidisciplinary team including a neurologist is imperative to a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. Personal theories in psychology is why Freud’s theories hold limited interest in modern psychology.

While the information you provide is well intended, perhaps practical for some and to those with a new diagnosis, it comes across as a text trained, overly authoritative voice for Terpstra, Higgins and Pierce. They are not the all encompassing voice of autism treatment.

I want to know who is going to foot the bill for diagnosis. Who is going to push insurance companies to include health coverage for autism spectrum disorderS. Who is going to pay for minimum 20-25 hours a week of therapy. Who cares about the millions of families carrying this diagnosis with no insurance or no insurance provisions. Who cares about those typically not included in Newsweek, Time or CNN…those on the low-functioning end of the autism spectrum?

Who is going to address the psychological impact of not having expert answers (absent from freedictionary.com) to those very real issues.