Autism 2009

Welcome to the ASD Video Glossary. Whether you are a parent with concerns about a child or a professional with hopes to become better educated, we hope you find this online glossary helpful. To access the ASD Video Glossary, you may do so at the following URLs. Click on one of the addresses below or copy and paste one of them into your browser:

Autism Speaks(TM):

First Signs(R):


We would like to remind you that the content within the ASD Video Glossary is copyrighted by Florida State University and First Signs, Inc. By registering as a user, you agreed not to download, post, copy, distribute, or create derivative works based on this material, without the permission of Florida State University and/or First Signs, Inc. And, we ask that you to respect the privacy of the children and families who are portrayed in the video clips.

We invite you to use the ASD Video Glossary as often as you’d like and we encourage you to let other parents and professionals know about it.


Autism Speaks
Florida State University
First Signs

natesfriend1.jpg One of my Nathan’s many pieces of Microsoft Paint art. He was ten when he created this one.

A ground-breaking, innovative training program called Partners in Policymaking® to teach parents and self-advocates the power of advocacy to change the way people with disabilities are supported, viewed, taught, live and work .dgaa.gif


A guide created for families newly diagnosed with autism and how to make the best use of the first 100 days following diagnosis.




Saturday, August 29 from Noon to 3:00 PM
Picnic at The City of Independence Kiwanis Pavilion for those individuals 15 and above with ASD and their families. ASGC to provide hot dogs and pop. Please bring a dish to share. Registration is Required. RSVP to or (216) 556-4937. We need number of people in attendance. Any individual requiring assistance or supervision must have a caregiver or aide present with them at the picnic at all times.

Autism Society of America

Autism Asperger Publishing Company

The first book my kids read about autism when they were younger. They would take turns sharing the book with classmates in elementary school. Still useful to young people struggling to get some basic understanding about autism. It’s titled: Ian’s Walk
Thanx to Amazon for the image.


Link to online resource of autism related books:

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