I’ve been celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 19th birthday for the last…uh…umm…ur…um…for a while now and I’ve got the premature gray hair to prove it! Well until my touch-up at the salon. My 40ish twin sister has about four strands of gray. Mia padre is Sicilian, mia madre, African American, and my maternal grandma, Comanche Indian. I wonder if Dairy Queen can create a blizzard with that kind of flavor.

I am mid-way between Type A & Type B personality, easy to get along with depending on who you ask and teetering on the edge of (in)sanity everyday! I have three teenagers which is how my hair turned gray. The youngest just turned 13, he has Autism and LOVES Darth Vader, SpiderMan 3, art and music. My daughter is 14 and has arrived at that I don’t-want-to-be-seen-with-my-mother-stage and my first-born just had his 17th birthday. He’s looking like a long-term tenant if he doesn’t detach himself and get the heck outta here to go to college. Oh yeah…my hubby. He’s my oldest kid. It’s chilly up here in the NorthEast so when I’m heavy into the lazy side of Type B, and truly rebuking the cold, I’ll get fixed to this computer and see what you have to say about autism and other subjects. So let’s hear it!

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  1. Hi Tess,
    We have a few things in common; my father is Sicilian (grandparents from Palermo), I too teeter on the edge of insanity every day, I have a fifteen-year-old teenage daughter who is immersed in “I don’t want to be seen with my mother (or father)”, and I live in the Northeast- upstate New York where today is a particularly sunny, warm spring day.

    Have a good day!

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